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Ladislav Florean's Chef's Table is the best Food & Drink experience in Prague

Ladislav Florean, young Slovak, but experienced private chef living in Prague – with his Savor 10-course dinner prepared as a Chef’s Table in his home kitchen, is the most rated food & drink Airbnb experience in Prague.
This is the result based on guest reviews evaluating food & drink experiences in Prague.

In past months, Ladislav’s culinary show, during which he prepares ten-course menu for guests in his home kitchen, ending with a spectacular dessert paining on the table in front of guests, has received hundreds of five-star reviews.

Both number of reviews and almost 100% five-star rating have brought Ladislav to the first position within the food & drink experiences in Prague.
Ladislav’s guests are really enthusiastic about his 10-course menu. Many of them do not hesitate to compare the level of Ladislav Chef’s Table with a dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant. During the three-hour dinner, guests of Ladislav’s Chef’s Table learn a lot about the cuisine of Central Europe and local fresh ingredients that inspire Ladislav when creating the menu.

“It is the opportunity to try a culinary experience at the level of a Michelin starred restaurant with a unique benefit that I invite guests to my home. They can watch me while preparing the food just in front of them. Then we paint a dessert together, which is an absolutely unforgettable experience for them,” says Ladislav.
“Guests often do not exactly have an idea what to expect – they have some basic information and usually have seen positive reviews from previous guests. But only when they arrive at my home, they realize how personal their experience can be. It is always my goal to overcome their expectations as much as possible,” Ladislav adds.

Ladislav uses mainly local fresh ingredients – combined with culinary traditions of Central Europe and his own creative style for preparation of the menu.

In addition to beautifully styled and arranged dishes, guests can also experience very unique moments, such as pine-tree ice-cream with a smoke show.

The majority of guests are foreign tourists who visit Prague – mostly Americans, Brits, Germans, but also many guests from countries e.g. Brazil, India and Israel – who want to try a unique culinary experience while visiting Prague.

Also Hollywood stars, international corporate CEOs and others rank among Ladislav’s VIP guests.

Despite his young age, Ladislav Florean is the chef with experience from several best restaurants in Europe. He cooks with enthusiasm, which he serves together with delicious dishes to his guests.

He worked in critically acclaimed – Michelin starred – restaurants such as The Clove Club and Fat Duck in the UK, Silvio Nickol Gourmet Restaurant in Vienna, and Field in Prague, as well as restaurants in the international hotel chains such as Radisson Blu, Maritime or Intercontinental.

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